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Location & Hours


Opening Hours

Sunday & Monday - Closed
Tues - Wed | Closed

Thur -Sat | Closed


Delivery and Pick-up Only:

Thur - Sat | Closed

10/2/2023-We are remaining closed until further notice. I don't want to give a date until we are sure of a date. We thank everyone for the messages and being excited about our re-opening.
Do know that you have been heard!

The main reasons for temporarily closing was to try and remedy some of the issues and complaints, that we saw as justifiable. We have ironed out the issues that we can control, but there are still items that are not in our control, in our current location.
We thought that we could repair the AC unit, after thousands of dollars spent, it seems as if, the space was configured improperly, causing more delay and a significant amount of money to repair.

The ventilation issue has been an issue since opening. We have yet to find a remedy for that, besides not offering any fried food. Some of our fried food items are why some of our frequent customers come. So, that is a concern we are still hammering out.

We also realized, due to the increase in customers, our space is too small to accommodate a crowd. We initially expected 70% of our clientele to be Take-out and/or delivery. We found that most customers loved the vibe of our space and preferred to dine in, which creates an issue in the present location.

Even though we offer covered parking and validation, finding the parking was an issue. This is something we are taking into consideration to make better.
I ask for more patience, as we decide how to move forward to best provide great service and accommodations.

Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list, so that we can keep you updated on our progress.

(In efforts to reduce costs for our customers. We have our own in-house delivery, for customers in a 1 mile radius, which includes the GA Tech campus. There is no fee for delivery, but a tip for great service is appreciated). Simply order directly from our website.


Parking is available in the Viewpoint Parking Garage

Viewpoint Parking Garage 

856 Juniper St. between 7th and 6th Street

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